Introducing N1PLUS –

Industry-Leading Fleet Information Software

Asset Management

Complete vehicle history, inventory management and reduced ownership cost


Driver Management

Licenses, fines and certification tracking.




Fine Management

Record traffic violations, linked to driver and vehicle


Fleet Maintenance Scheduling & Tracking

Service alert notification, complete service, maintenance and repair history with improved workflow.


Fuel, fluid and related costs Management

Addresses the biggest cost factor of any organisation, namely fuel, top-up oil and toll fees.
It has some unique features, which is an integral part of the system.


Internal Bowser Fuel Management

Manages multi-sites, fuel intake and fuel dispensed.


Reporting & Fleet Analysis

Vehicle right sizing, life cycle costing, cost analysis, fuel consumption trends.Fleet utilization, powerfull reporting
plus individual vehicle utilization.




Risk Management

Accidents and claims, driver habits, inspections, traffic violations, incidents tracking.


Workshop Management

Manage your own workshops and control third party service providers.


Enterprise Fleet Management Software

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The N1PLUS for Transportation management software is the most feature-rich software package available on the market, yet it is affordably priced.

If you have a single fleet location, or several, N1PLUS for Transportation offers a solution that fits. Managing 5 or 250,000 vehicles or equipment offers challenges and N1PLUS for Transportation can help you meet those challenges with the proper tools and information for today’s top managers, from PM scheduling, to technician productivity or downtime reduction.

N1PLUS a web based platform provides a comprehensive set of offerings with a scalable, modular approach used to deliver a cost effective solution.

Enables the fleet owner to  combine fleet assets and service delivery applications to provide a holistic, cost centric-wide view, on all the fleet related activities and expenses

N1PLUS can improve the timelines and quality of information flow to administrators, the fleet manager and key decision makers.  For N1PLUS, the integration of service delivery items (uploading of files from 3rd parties’ service providers) is critical because the data sources are critical for planning, decision making and execution.

When you use N1PLUS for Transportation to help maximise the performance and lifetime value of the fleet, and more closely align them with the overall business strategy of your organisation

  • A Cost effective solution
  • Standardising and sharing of data – information cascade
  • Manage every asset with a single approach
  • Improving accountability and utilization
  • Increasing business system consolidation
  • Reduce fleet costs substantially by identifying the exceptions and take appropriate action
  • Budgetary planning through the reports

N1PLUS Saves You

Maintenance and Repair Monitoring 15%
FunctionRepeat repairs-warranty items, abuse, tyre cost


Early warning-alerts 30%
FunctionManufacturer warranties, license penalties, excess Kms charges, fines, service scheduling


Human Resource utilisation 30%
FunctionStandardisation of inputs, reports


Mobility 90%
FunctionAccess the system, Connectivity anyware, anytime


Software Deployment

How you decide to set up your fleet management software package depends on your needs, your resources, and what you want to accomplish.
N1Plus offers four different methods of deployment to cover a,wide variety of fleet demands.

Method of Deployment

This method of deployment gives us our unique niche in the fleet management software market. You get the benefits of having a client/server and web-based setup all in one.

A fleet company with multiple clients may choose this method for deploying our fleet maintenance and management software. This method gives clients from around SA the ability to open a web-browser, sign into the web-based application, and make real-time updates to the system.

  1. Highest level of customer service from fully integrated links with service providers and internal systems between the three key business processes:-

Asset Management  

Accounting system.

Risk Management

Odometer readings via Tracking Companies

Work Management  

Fleet Card transactions via Banks, Importing of generic fuel transaction file via Service station.

  1. User defined data import and export facilities available.

Extend The Reach

Extend the reach of the client/server software through web-based modules.

  • Real-time access through mobile devices, laptops and pc’s with an internet connection.
  • Can be deployed in conjunction with self-hosting or TransnetiX Interactive hosting.
  • Enter crucial data from the field in real-time.
  • Learn more about individual modules through the knowledge base portal within the system.

N1PLUS Hosting

A web-enabled deployment method hosted through our data farm partner.

  • Sign in through a web browser with a secure user name and password to access your fleet management software from any location.
  • Eliminate the need to spend money on servers and hardware upgrades.
  • All system maintenance and database backups performed by the host for a monthly fee.
  • One N1Plus license per concurrent user required.

Bulk Fuel Internal Fuel Management Module

This Module enables the organisation to manage bulk fuel received, fuel dispensed to the fleet and allows files to be seamlessly uploaded from an electronic fuel dispersement management system used at the fuel pumps and then populated in the vehicle fuel log.

  • Manage fuel from bowsers above and below ground
  • Multiple pumps and tanks
  • Upload against vehicle registration number into N1PLUS
  • Fuel logged against company cost centre and branch

Workshop Management Module

This Module improves administration processes in the workshop and facilitates parts, maintenance types and labour costing.  N1PLUS increases workshop productivity by integrating critical repair and servicing data via the job card to the vehicle managed maintenance log thus improving overall efficiency and fleet cost management.

  • Complete workshop management module
  • Manage mechanics cost, servicing and part allocation
  • Create a Job card, or a Quote and invoice from the workshop module
  • Parts inventory set up per client specification


N1PLUS offers customisation provided that the requirement is fleet specific.

Our highly skilled bank of developers have a wealth of experience in the development of N1PLUS and fleet management systems and mobile applications and are able to write additional code.

MobiFleet Saves You

Time 95%
Administration 100%
Mobility 100%
  • Dynamic upload capacity – This information, together with an assortment of photographs (limited to 3), will be sent via a web service in an encrypted manner to N1PLUS where it will be registered.
  • Seamless integration with the N1PLUS
  • Feature-rich, embeddable and zero-maintenance database management and data movement technologies.

  • Asset management application
  • Record of the road worthiness of all assets
  • Record vehicle inspections
  • Link driver and vehicle
  • Able to scan licences and upload photos
  • Able to record an incident and all relevant information about the third parties

  • Increase productivity and efficiency across the organization
  • Real time notification of incident to office
  • Pro-active in claims processing and re-scheduling replacement unit
  • Improvement of overall condition of fleet and benefits of preventative maintenance
  • User friendly device with built-in prompts to guide the user.