N1PLUS differs from conventional systems as it makes provision for the uploading of electronic files and images, thus creating an electronic data access facility with document scanning and an archiving

capability. This allows for instant access to all drivers, vehicles and supplier information.

N1PLUS enables the user to manage planned and unplanned maintenance activities.  N1PLUS has the added functionality to identify the different maintenance category types to capture cost accordingly.

By allocating these costs to the correct maintenance categories it will reduce downtime and unexpected expenses by initiating preventative maintenance measures.

Work planners can view and identify over spend on specific items and initiate action.   Optimise service scheduling and labour use by assigning the right person with the right skills to the right job.

Component and part failure results in additional cost and consequences to the business, N1PLUS enables the user to set up the type of item under a warranty linked to a timeline covered, in order to record and track each item with a warranty.