N1PLUS has a very powerful fuel data management component and has the ability to accommodate any fuel data source, thereby securing your data in one database ensuring accurate and effective fuel management. It integrates seamlessly with any Fleet Card management system or Fuel Management system.  It has unique data import, data editing and data reporting capabilities. It clearly identifies and accommodates span differences and vehicles not loaded on the system as well as duplications i.e. transactions

The editing tools enable users to manipulate data without effecting data integrity

One of the biggest attributes of the system is its ability to very accurately detect any possible fuel theft/fraud and/or fleet card abuse/misuse.  N1PLUS enables the organisation to establish their own database of fuel consumption norms and averages and enables the user to do proper comparisons between different vehicle makes and models in the fleet.

N1PLUS accurately determines estimated losses in litres and rand value measured against the actual fuel cost in cents per kilometre and litres per 100 kilometres