AbsoluteFleet Lite

Fleet Management System – Cost & Incident Management
Online self-help web based application.

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Enterprise Fleet Management System – powerfull integration capability with Bowser and Workshop Management Modules as options.
Flagship system for serious/concerning Fleet Operator.

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Asset Management Mobile Application – Manage vehicle and driver – conduct vehicle inspections and scan and upload licenses and accident photos.

Consulting/Data Processing

We Will

  1. Compile and systematize all fleet information from diverse sources.
  2. Establish the status and integrity of the data in the Fleet Application.
  3. Determine the best approach to update the fleet database.
  4. Set up proliferation of data.

We Will

  1. Review your current fleet strategy in detail.
  2. Evaluate, compile and liase with all parties involved in the fleet to set up the guidelines.
  3. Set up monthly reporting procedure – ABSOLUTEFLEET.

We Will

  1. Assist with data integration on the third party application.
  2. Do all processing.
  3. Verification ensuring an error rate below 0.05%.
  4. Imports via third party service providers executed.
  5. Scutinizing all expenses and verify.
  6. Manage Manufacturer warranties.
  7. Prepare monthly reports.
  8. Prepare Total-Cost-to-Operate comparisons.
  9. Keep you informed of new industry developments and legislation.


When your workforce is out and about, it can be difficult to retain control of your day-to-day operations. TomTom has solved this problem with , an online application that enables you to manage your fleet, 24 hours a day, from any PC. There’s no software to install. Just open through a web browser and you can manage your entire field operation from the comfort of your desk.

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Logistics Software

Dovetail’s product suite spans the entire logistics and supply chain industry from courier to road freight to distribution and warehousing.The company has more than 20 years’ experience in the development and management of warehouse management, transport management and mobile software solutions.

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Jamming Detection and Location

Scan for active jamming,locate and arrest.Application for logistics vehicles, airports, train stations, ATM’s or shopping malls.

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